Intelligent Drug Policing for Safer Communities


Combating the U.S. drug epidemic with innovative drug interdiction technology

The U.S. drug overdose death toll has increased almost every year since 1999. The CDC is projecting that more than 93,000 Americans died of a drug overdose in 2020, which would be a new record high. The illegal drug market has become more complex every year with the presence of common drugs like heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine and the introduction of new deadly illicit drugs (i.e., fentanyl, fentanyl analogues, other opioids, etc.) and drug mixtures while U.S. public safety technology to interdict these drugs remains decades behind and unevolved. Bottlenecks in the current process hinder the efficiency to gather intel to the point it can take months for law enforcement agencies to determine any emerging drug threats in their respective regions. In those months of waiting for data, tens of thousands of Americans will overdose on deadly substances.

IDEM Systems will streamline the drug intelligence collection process so that it no longer takes months, but minutes to detect emerging drug threats.

Our handheld hardware and software tools will allow public safety users to accurately identify suspected illegal narcotic drugs and drug signatures within seconds, then rapidly compile the results to gather near real-time drug intelligence. Faster access to this data will lay the foundation for more effective drug interdiction, keeping illicit supplies of deadly drugs and counterfeits out of our communities.

Our technology is a drug intelligence ecosystem developed into a field drug testing kit for law enforcement, security, and other public safety agencies. Based on a novel chemical method for identifying drugs like heroin, other opiates, fentanyl and its analogues, cocaine, and many others, the testing system is comprised of a handheld spectrometer device, a narcotics sampling pen, and a mobile software solution that provides access to a proprietary database to accurately identify suspected illicit substances on-site.

It eliminates false positive and safety concerns associated with traditional police drug test kits, which can be complex, subjective, hazardous, and often unreliable.​ As the illegal drug landscape changes each year with synthetic or novel drugs to circumvent drug law enforcement efforts, our drug intelligence technology can expeditiously adapt to identify new and novel substances and drug signatures that competing law enforcement field drug test kits (i.e., handheld Raman analyzers) cannot identify.


Key Advantages:

Drug field test accuracy >95%

Narcotics Identification results within 30 seconds

Simple to Use
Requires minimal upfront law enforcement officer training
Avoid touching hazardous substances and drugs (i.e., fentanyl) when on scene

Capable of detecting/identifying new and novel illicit substances and drug signatures and mixtures of drugs (i.e., heroine and fentanyl)

Increased Productivity
Collect data on drug signatures (i.e., drug recipes) and illicit drug distribution trends within minutes without adding further strain to crime labs.

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