Reliable Field Drug Testing System for Law Enforcement


IDEM Systems is changing the paradigm of testing illegal drugs and substances of abuse in the field. Our product, the NarCommand, is comprised of a handheld spectrometer, a narcotics sampling pen, and a software solution that includes a mobile app to access a proprietary library database of reference drug data to help accurately identify suspected illicit substance in the field. It eliminates problems associated with traditional color change tests, which can be complex, subjective, hazardous, and often unreliable.​ The NarCommand adapts to the ever-changing illegal drug market to identify new and novel substances and drug signatures that competing field drug tests cannot identify, which makes it an ideal field device for the law enforcement community to combat the illegal drug epidemic.


Key Advantages:

Identification accuracy >95%

Results within 30 seconds

Simple to Use
Requires minimal upfront training
Avoid touching hazardous chemicals and drugs when on scene

Just one test to identify common and novel substances

Inexpensive relative to competing products

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