To make communities safer by providing public health and safety agencies with innovative tools for intelligent drug surveillance and drug interdiction.



Residing in a state of one of the highest annual death tolls from drug overdoses and poisonings in the U.S., it is not difficult to find someone whose life has been affected by the drug epidemic. We feel it is vital to provide a new solution to combat the drug epidemic in regard to drug interdiction. From many years of speaking to law enforcement personnel, we have learned that public safety and law enforcement equipment has barely evolved to effectively police the modern era of illicit substances. Our solution will address the pains of traditional field drug testing kits experienced by law enforcement today by focusing on enhancing result accuracy, user safety, and agency productivity in identifying narcotic drugs.

The IDEM Systems core drug testing kit and drug intelligence technology was built on the foundation of academic research in Orlando, Florida starting in the late 2000s. With research originally funded by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and National Science Foundation (NSF), IDEM Systems was founded in 2015 to further develop and commercialize this paradigm-shifting field drug test kit.

Our core technology will expand the capabilities for public safety and public health agencies to identify various narcotics and drug signatures with minimal effort from a crime lab and rapidly collect drug intelligence, which will enhance the illicit drug interdiction and surveillance efforts in their respective communities.

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