Our product is drug intelligence - data analytics software capable of tracking exotic fentanyl signatures across regions (or jurisdictions) and a field drug analyzer that can rapidly detect the newest fentanyl analogs appearing in the community.

  • Drug intellegence Reports
    • Our data analytics software will analyze local drug data to provide actionable intelligence to narcotics units.
    • The customer has a choice of letting our team do the work to analyze the data and provide an electronic version of the reports or licensing the data analytics software and using the data analytics tools in-house.
    • Our Drug Intelligence Reports will indicate which drug cases are related within a city or across multiple jurisdictions.
    • This software will allow for real-time drug crime mapping.
  • IDEM Field Drug Analyzer and (future) IDEM Geointelligence System
    • Our field drug analyzer uses a new method of drug detection that will accurately detect drug signatures within seconds.
    • Our method of drug detection is capable of distinguishing between common analogs and new analogs.
    • The drug sensing pen allows the user to avoid dermal contact with the drug sample.
    • The drug analyzer utilizes a mobile app software  to analyze data and return identification results within seconds.
    • The IDEM Geointelligence System will be capable of historical and predictive analysis (drug distribution forecasting) of illicit drug distribution trends.

If you would like to inquire about our Drug Intelligence Reports or would like to participate in beta testing the IDEM Field Drug Analyzer (for free), please contact us.

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